Watercolor on Aquaboard

During a walk through Rancha, a small village outside of Bandhavgarh National Park, India, we saw two boys looking at a magazine.  I liked the pose of each boy in separate photos.  So to make a better composition, I combined the poses into one drawing.  I decided to do the watercolor painting on Aquaboard.  This surface allows you to make subtle changes to colors and is forgiving when corrections need to be made.
This is my combined drawing from the above photos.
I painted in the background first, and then the step the boys were sitting on.  I then worked on the clothes of the older boy. This is the first time I had attempted a plaid shirt.  I did simplify the pattern, but it was fun to try....
I finished up the painting and made some adjustments to areas that had already been painted.  The magazine they were reading was the last thing I painted.  It was a challenge to get the feel of a magazine that had been handled a lot.