Metallic Watercolors and Pastels

I decided that the best way to represent the mosaics on this Greek church was to use metallic watercolor, but the stones of the church itself would seem more realistic with the use of pastel. Since pastel can be so messy, I decided to do the watercolor portion first, protect that portion and then move on to the pastel portion.
I selected a Colorfix Paper (Art Spectrum) in a color I thought would make good base for the stones on the outside of the church. I then drew in the church and started on the mosaic details using Daniel Smith iridescent colors and some gold calligraphy ink.
When I was satisfied with the mosaic portion, I covered it with Saran Wrap and weighted it down so the pastel dust would not dirty the bright colors.
I used a number of different pastels (Unison ,Terry Ludwig and pastel pencils (Conte) to complete the stones of the church.