Preparing Yupo For Plein Aire Painting

We were fortunate enough to be able to go to Kapok Tree gardens to paint and photograph the statues and fountains. In anticipation of this trip, I prepared Yupo paper by pouring various colors to make a pleasing background. The Yupo paper must be dry, in order to use the wipe-out method that I like. You can see one of the prepared pieces of Yupo here.
When we got to the gardens, I decided to paint a large fountain that contained some sculptures. I rotated both of my prepared papers until I found a pleasing place to begin. I wet the Yupo with a brush and wiped the paint off with tissue, taking the paper back to white. After getting the general shapes wiped into the background I then started to add some colors to round out the forms. After a few hours it was time to leave the gardens. I made sure I had a photo from my vantage point, so the painting could be completed back at my studio. The second photo was taken before continuing the painting in the studio.
In the studio I continued to refine my painting. I added more detail to the fountain and sculpture and added in foliage and water. The completed painting is shown here.