Clownfish Redeux

I decided to revisit an old painting from 2007 of yellow Clownfish and a purple Anemone. Because it was done on Yupo, it was very easy to modify with techniques I've since learned to better focus the viewer's eye.
First lets start with the final, cropped view of the original. I selected Yupo, as I do for most underwater scenes, because of the fluid way I can work watercolors on its shiny, synthetic surface. The original image was designed to showcase the yellow Clownfish and their relationship with their Anemone against a watery background. When looking at it 6 years later, first impression was that it was a bit too stark.
I reworked the background adding in a yellow soft coral to balance the yellow of the clownfish. I added a lightly textured reef structure to the lower right and on the left rising above the Anemone. The texture was accomplished in 2 steps with bubble wrap (that was allowed to dry) followed by a fine spray bottle of water to add in the little drops that displace some of the pigment (the same technique used on the ocean-colored background). I added some hints of yellow highlights into the Anemone as well. The last tweak was to remove a dorsal fin from the leftmost clownfish that fell in-between arms of the Anemone and seemed a little distracting. The added details not only focused the viewer's eye, it allowed for a wider crop of the original Yupo paper.