Textured Watercolors

Recently I read about a technique where you could cover Yupo or a 4-ply plate surface with a mixture of Golden acrylic gel medium and Golden gesso to add texture to those surfaces. To test this out, I repurposed a previously used Aquaboard panel. The colors were in bright red and green, and the painting never really worked. I had tried to rework the painting with Daniel Smiths Watercolor ground, but was unable to remove the brightest of the colors.
I mixed up Golden acrylic gel medium and Golden gesso in equal amounts to a consistency of cake frosting and placed it in a small covered container. I then used a brush to cover the whole surface of the Aquaboard with the mixture. Using brushes and a palette knife, I laid in clumps of the mixture where I wanted to show waves breaking on the ocean. The mixture was left to dry, so that when I touched it, there was no tackiness or give to the surface. After that I could lay in my watercolor washes of blues and turquoises to represent the ocean. I tinted the breaking froth and let some color show through in holes. I flicked water droplets from a toothbrush and a tissue to lift some spray from the break of the waves.