Pre-visualization with Photoshop

I wanted to continue painting in a fantasy series that I had started a while ago. I envisioned a fairy standing on a begonia leaf, reaching skywards for the flowers to fall down on her. The problem was to get the correct scale for this imaginary vision. Since I have a large begonia plant, I took a photo of that.
Then I took a photo of a doll placed on a fabric-draped chair in the correct position was taken (there is thread tied around her neck to keep her upright). I took care that the lighting was from the same direction so that I could include the doll's shadow in my planning. By photographing the background and doll separately I was able to scale the doll to the desired size in the next step.
The photos of the background (flipped horizontally), the doll and butterfly wings were then combined in Photoshop Elements to create an image of my vision.
I choose to do this painting in watercolor, and I laid in the background and then the greenery, leaving the fairy to the end.
I call this painting Flower Shower. You can order prints from my Fantasy gallery at Fine Art America.