Wacom Driver Issue

Wacom Intuos Pro Driver Issue - by David R Beebe
I recently updated my out-of-support Wacom Intuos 2 tablet/pen/mouse for the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet/pen. I was intrigued by the Capture One and Wacom webinar I watched a few months back and looked forward to increased workflow effeciency. The Intuos Pro arrived late on Friday. Downloading the latest version of the driver (, I began the installation and customization process. I ran into a driver issue fairly soon. When using one of the Express Keys on the side of the tablet, the driver would lock up with a warning beep and all functionality except registering the pen's tip pressure would stop working. I tried killing the WacomTabletDriver but it would never start back up without a reboot. I tried back leveling the driver to the previous version ( even though back leveling the driver does not allow importing the user preference file from a later driver. I've rebooted my iMac more times over the weekend than I have in the last year. I found no postings anywhere about the symptoms I was experiencing, including Wacom's FAQ.

As there is no tech support over the weekend, I had to wait for Monday morning to call Wacom. It is a known (to them) driver problem and the solution was to back level 6 versions to Again I had to re customize the preferences for use in Capture One. Now I wait to see if it works.

After back leveling the driver, Wacom tech support did mention that there was another work-around. When the Wacom driver locks up, restore the user preferences backup file (*.wacomprefs) file forces a restart of the driver without the need for a reboot. I wish I had know that sooner.