3D Titles in FCP X

A few notes on working with the new 3D Titles in FCP X 10.2.x - by David R Beebe
3D Ttiles were first introduced with FCP X 10.2.1 along with OS X 10.10.5. There were a few small glitches out the door and an update to the first patch (FCP X 10.2.2.) and a conversation with Apple Pro App Support helped clear them up.

First off, FCP X 10.2.2 corrected the issue where a 3D Title would appear as a blacked out object in the timeline. While it played correctly, it couldn't be edited. While playing with 3D titles, I would have a title object surrounded by a 0;15 duration dissolve. I found that when I did this, I could not move it without a cut and paste. The solution is to grab it above the individual objects by the encompassing grouping (much like a grouped object). To edit a 3D title on the timeline, click on the title on the timeline to select it then in the browser window you can click into the object (not on the text) and a rotate icon for x, y and z axis will appear. You can't save this rotation as an attribute so if you want to reuse the title, you'll need to copy an existing title that was already modified. Also, if you show 3D Text info, you can increase the depth of the 3D font.