More Fun WIth Helicon Focus

More Fun With Helicon Focus - by David R Beebe
As my free 30 day demo period winds down, I've developed a workflow for focus stacking. I am using a Canon 7D and 18-135mm lens at f/5 and lighting from a battery powered LED. ISO 320 and shutter of 1/60.


Helicon Remote captures RAW images to my MacBook Pro with the camera on manual with an interval of 2. I then import these images into Capture One Pro 9 and open the stack with Helicon Focus using Adobe DNG conversion rather than TIFF.


Most times I like the render I get from Method B with Radius of 22, Smoothing 4 but sometimes I like the results from Method C. I save these images as DNG and it appears back in my Capture One catalog. As the stacked image is still in a RAW format, I can fully edit it and then export it is whatever size and format I need.