Jobu Jr

With my recent acquisition of Canon's EF 400mm f/4 IS DO lens, I was looking for a better tripod head. - by David R. Beebe
I was unhappy how the ball head was working with my Canon EF 400mm f/4 IS DO lens. If I wasn't careful, the lens would drop forward and crush my fingers against the tripod. I decided to look for a gimbal head but knew I could not carry the weight of a 3 to 5 pound head on small plane trips. I discovered the limited edition Jobu's Junior 3 Deluxe which only weighs 1.4 pounds but it was unavailable from Jobu or any of the major online retailers. This lead me to eBay where I finally won the 6th auction I tried for. The gimbal head is fantastic to work with on a tripod. I have even had good success using it on a monopod as long as I am not trying to follow birds in flight. The only caveat is that a 3/8" mount is required instead of a 1/4" mount which isn't an issue with most carbon fiber supports.