LCD Screen Protector for Canon 7D

I recently purchased a Snap-On LCD Screen Protector for Canon 7D by Vello. It does what is expected but came with an unexpected change I am not sure I like. - by David R. Beebe
The Snap-On LCD Screen Protector for Canon 7D by Vello offers an excellent way to protect the glass LCD screen on the 7D. Previously I'd used peel and stick film for this. The Snap-on protector installs easily. Squeeze in the sides of the Canon eye cup to lift it up, position the screen cover and add the clip from above the view finder to hold the screen in place. Next put the eye cup on the clip. Now for the part that isn't obvious from the product's description. The clip that holds the protector also covers the view finder. This can be a good thing since my view finder was very dirty following a recent expedition. The bad thing is that the extra thickness from the clip holds your eye away from the full screen view. This is especially true for eyeglass wearers. You won't be able to see the read-out at the bottom of the screen without moving your eye.

I've also posted this review at BH Photo Video where I purchased this protector after reading about it in their new product email.