Authoring BluRay For WDTV Live Hub Media Player

MakeMKV, while in Beta, is an excellent way to port your BluRay content to play on your WDTV Live Hub Media Player - by David R. Beebe
For the best, flawless playback:

License MakeMKV and open the index.bdmv from your BD, DVD or Toast disc image. Select a title and drill down to select its audio and export a suitably named .mkv file which you can copy to the WDTV Live. It plays perfectly and I am consuming many CPU cycles replacing all of my previous .mp4 files created with Elgato. The difference is amazing.

For next best playback:

Format: Elgato Turbo.264 HD
Use: Custom Profile HD 1080p 16:9 20000k IP Progressive Scan which is modified from default HD 1080p profile for Data Rate, GOP Structure and Source Deinterlace

Hint at eyetv lounge states to override GOP Structure of Auto (IBP) and use IP frames only. Seems WD Live TV has a problem with B frames. The default from Elgato creates an .mp4 file that WD Live does not play well (it plays fast). You can also convert this file to mpeg using VisualHub (no longer supported) and move the output to a thumb drive but that file won’t work right for FF/Rew and it adds another step.

YouTube HD looks better and does a better job with transitions. Need to test with WD playback.

Using either QT or an HD Elgato profile at 20Mbps (its max) and building a disc image via Toast does not play well on WD Live TV Hub. Any AIC input to toast plays back in 4:3 ratio despite being 16:9. It also plays fast.