iStabilize Is Amazing

How to use iStabilize as an external video editor from Final Cut Express - by David R. Beebe
iStabilize video clips

This is an excellent add-on application for removing shake from video, including AIC captured from a HD camcorder. This app is configured as the editor for video in my FCE. Select a clip and right-click chose Open In Editor. Select “Use Spatial Selection” followed by “Track Motion” from the Stabilizer menu. Select “New Edit Session”. If your monitor resolution is 1920x1080, the main window will fill the screen blocking the edit control pop-out from view. Shrink the main window’s width to see it. The default sample time is 1.0 sec and increasing this value helps if the camera is moving wildly like in a rocking boat. You can sample the results and change them to experiment. Chose to erase or zoom. If erase, you can zoom into the frame in FCE to crop out the black areas. Note that this will try and keep the position of the frame centered and cannot correct blurred images in frames when the camera was moving too fast. End the edit session and export. Export as AIC is faster but larger and is easier on FCE too. You can have multiple edit sessions, each with their own in/out points and stabilization settings and can enable/disable them from the Movie menu. Saving these tracks into the edited AIC does not appear to cause FCE any grief.