Timecode Calculator

Netmedia's Timecode Calculator is an invaluable tool for matching video sequences to royal-free music candidates of the appropriate duration - by David R. Beebe
Simple software that elegantly performs a specific task well can be a real joy. Timecode Calculator is such an application. When editing video in Final Cut, the last step is to match up royalty free music to the video as an underscore. After identifying the start and end points in the timeline that I want to group thematically, I use Timecode Calculator to determine the duration. I keep a separate iTunes library of royalty free music (primarily from Fresh Music and Freeplay Music) that is sorted by duration. Since Final Cut Express works best with AIFF, I up-convert the more compressed tracks in advance. From there it is a simple step to audition tracks around that length to select one. If needed, I can adjust the timeline in order to use the selected track. Use the pop-up menu option to Show In Finder then import that file into my FCE project. For longer, multi-disc projects, it helps to keep a separate list of which tracks have already been used so I don't use one more than once unintentionally.

I started using Netmedia's Timecode Calculator at version 1. Version 2.3 is Lion compatible. There is nothing as good at the Apple Store and Kagi sells this for only $7USD.