My review of Capture One Pro - by David R Beebe
I started using C1 just over a year ago, switching from Aperture on an iMac. I continue to be amazed at the results I am achieving with Capture One compared to Apple's no-longer-supported Aperture. I will shoot 7,000+ RAW images on a typical 10-day wildlife trip which go into their own catalog and I maintain a separate catalog by year for everything else. I started out paralleling images between the 2 and, like Apple, have now abandoned Aperture completely. Capture One's RAW processing engine is far superior and my best 5 star images from Aperture look so much better having been reprocessed. Phase One is all about customer support. There are free webinars (watch live or play back anytime on YouTube), blogs and tech support to help you with the transition. Capture One Pro is highly customizable so you can adjust the toolsets to meet the needs of your workflow. Import your old Aperture and Lightroom collections into Capture One Pro and be ready to be amazed at the results.