Capture One Pro First Anniversary

I've been using Capture One Pro for a year now - by David R Beebe
I started using C1 a year ago, switching from Aperture on an iMac. I will shoot 7,000+ images on a typical 10-day wildlife trip which go into their own catalog. With the Keyboard Maestro application, I've created a few macros that I can trigger within C1 to speed up my workflow. For example, when editing still images for video-based projects, I have control-z select a crop ratio of 16:9 for landscape and option-z select a crop ratio of 2:3 for portrait from the crop pull-down menu.

I like how if you start masking with a brush, it will auto create a new layer but I wished it would also switch demo the Exposure tab to the Local Adjustment tab as well. Now I have a macro triggered by option-b that moves to the Local Adjustment tab and types b to select the brush cursor so I can paint away.

I edit in reverse chronological order since in wildlife photography, the best images are most often the last ones taken. That saves selecting some not-bad images taken early on only to need to weed them out on a second pass because of having something better later on.

I often start with an auto-adjust on a first pass through a new catalog but I don't want to spend the time doing so for all images. I have a macro triggered by control-` that does an auto adjust, sets a 3 star rating and goes to the next image in the catalog. When rating images, 1 star means I want to retain it for reference only. 3 stars are for images I want to publish and 5 stars are for images I want to sell prints of. I'll make a second pass through the 3 stars and degrade any closely similar images to 2 stars - this indicates that they were once considered good and are better than a reference shot. Then I delete all unrated images.