Burning A BluRay Disc From Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2

Jumping through hoops to write a BluRay Disc From FCP X 10.3.2 - by David R Beebe
I just finished editing my first project with the updated FCP X 10.3.2 and tried to Share to BluRay (BD-R) via an external LG burner. Each time, it appeared to go through all the motions but when the disc was ejected, it was blank. I tried three times, checking every setting, before giving up and looking for an alternative process.

As always, I create a Master File via FCP's Share which is the highest possible resolution. In this case, my 1 hour video rendered at 67Gb. I then launched Compressor to write the BD-R but that also failed to write to the disc. This makes sense since both FCP and Compressor use the same process to write to disk. From Compressor, I created a 9Gb BD-R .img file on the hard drive. From there I launched Toast to copy the disk image to the still blank BD-R media. That worked!

In the past, I would have imported the Master File into Toast and let it render the BD-R but Compressor does a much better job of transcoding and Toast ignores Chapter Markers.

I still do not know why this problem with BD-R mastering has surfaced but at least I have a work-around.