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Baja05 - 001 * The off-season shrimping fleet sits at dock in Guaymas, Mexico. Comments have been pulled from our notes and from the Daily Expedition Reports at http://www.expeditions.com. While this was a 10 day trip, since we did not arrive until late in the day to Sea Voyager, I refer to the first full day as day 1
Baja05 - 002 * Day 1, dolphins at play
Baja05 - 003 * You can identify by the angle of the blow that this is a Sperm whale. You can also tell that it is traveling to the right. Learn more about the whales we saw at http://www.acsonline.org/factpack/index.html
Baja05 - 004 * Sperm whale logging on the surface
Baja05 - 005 * Sperm whale starting a dive to great depths
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Baja05 - 006 * Bottlenose dolphin mother and calf
Baja05 - 007 * Sperm whale spy-hopping
Baja05 - 008 * Sperm whale spy-hopping
Baja05 - 009 * Hard to see in the gentle waves, but there are two Sperm whales in the center of the frame
Baja05 - 010 * Sperm whale diving. They do not have flashy surface behavior like Humpback whales do.
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  Baja05 - 007  
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  Baja05 - 010  
Baja05 - 011 * Sperm whale fluke
Baja05 - 012 * Greg Marshall's National Geographic crittercam team attempts to attach a camera to the back of a Sperm whale to record a couple of hours' worth of deep dives. Check out http://www.nationalgeographic.com/crittercam/about.html for more information on this program.
Baja05 - 013 * Submerged common dolphin approaches bow of Lindblad Expedition's Sea Voyager for a ride
Baja05 - 014 * San Pedro Martir is white from bird guano. Indians then convicts were used to collect the guano for fertilizer on the mainland. That industry is no longer active but someone forgot to tell the birds.
Baja05 - 015 * San Pedro Martir sits equidistant to the three most important upwelling areas in the gulf of California. It is the most isolated island in the Sea of Cortez
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