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Amazonas06 - 001 * Arriving in Manaus in the state of Amazonas in Brazil, South America, we sailed the waters of the Rio Negro for 1 week from Manaus to Moura and back. We then spent a few days in the rainforest around Presedente Figueiredo.
Amazonas06 - 002 * Located on the Rio Negro near its confluence with the Amazon, Manaus is the chief port and a hub for the region's extensive river system. Its population is estimated to be around 2 Million. (Wikipedia)
Amazonas06 - 003 * These boats bring ice to the local fish market.
Amazonas06 - 004
Amazonas06 - 005 * At the end of the rubber boon in the early 1900s, this mansion was traded for passage for 2 back to Germany.
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Amazonas06 - 006 * Statue in the plaza in front of Teatro Amazonas.
Amazonas06 - 007 * Statue in the plaza in front of Teatro Amazonas.
Amazonas06 - 008 * The Teatro Amazonas, an opera house built in 1896 is a notable landmark of Manaus, reflecting the massive wealth of the turn of the century rubber boom. By 1884, construction was ready to begin under the Italian architect Celestial Sacardim who planned for the theatre in the Renaissance style to be state of the art and to include electric lighting.(Wikipedia)
Amazonas06 - 009 * Teatro Amazonas' magnificent domed roof.
Amazonas06 - 010 * The Italian Domenico de Angelis painted the beautiful panels that decorate the ceilings of the auditorium and of the audience chamber. However, even after its inauguration and first public presentations, two more years would pass before the building was finally completed, a project taking seventeen years in all. (Wikipedia)
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Amazonas06 - 011 * Teatro Amazonas auditorium, looking up from the orchestra level.
Amazonas06 - 012 * Teatro Amazonas auditorium from a balcony box.
Amazonas06 - 013 * Teatro Amazonas auditorium.
Amazonas06 - 014 * Ceiling of the Teatro Amazonas audience chamber.
Amazonas06 - 015 * Teatro Amazonas audience chamber.
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