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segway1 * Guide Segway tours are available along the St. Petersburg's Straub park waterfront. They depart from the St. Pete Museum of History. You can contact them at 727-896-3640.
segway2 * Once past the initial training and a brief run at the lowest speed setting (max of 6mph), we graduated to 9mph max at the sidewalk loop across the street from the Vinoy hotel.
segway3 * Pat is making her Segway go even faster with
segway4 * Here is Pat looping by with downtown St. Petersburg in the background.
segway5 * Note, while posing for this photo op, we are at rest on 2 wheels (no kickstand). The Segway's computer controlled gyroscopic balancing system keeps us up-right.
segway6 * We had so much fun the first time, we went back for the 1.5 hour history tour.
segway8 * On the tour we graduated to the
segwaya * There is 7.5 miles of connected waterfront parks in St. Pete.
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